Contributing to Limnoria as a developer


This page is still a draft and is not complete.

About the policy about repository access

For the moment, I decided to give write access to my repository to nobody, because I want to check everything that is pushed in it. If someone pushes a bad update, it may be dangerous for users and I do not want that.

On the other side, I am very open to pull requests, that’s to say, if you ask me to merge some changes you made, there are 99% changes I will merge this changes. That’s why I suggest you to fork my repository on GitHub, make your modifications, and click the “Pull requests” button in my repository.

Using Git

If you are a developer, I assume that you know how to use Git. If you don’t, I suggest you to learn how to use it, at least the basics (clone, checkout, branch, commit, push/pull, add/rm, log, show, reset, revert).

I learnt how to use Git with an ebook, also available as a real book: Pro Git.

Our preferred way of contributing is through GitHub pull requests to Limnoria’s repository. Please send your pull requests to the testing branch.

Where to start

If you are not an experienced Python and/or Limnoria developer, you can start with solving issues tagged as easy. I believe they are likely to be easy to solve even without a lot of experience.

If you need help solving an issue (tagged as easy or not) or want to find an issue that matches your skills, please ask on IRC, we will be glad to help you.

Code style

Read the doc in the source code (docs/STYLE.rst).