This is for developers debugging their plugins; it provides an eval command as well as some other useful commands. It should not be loaded with a default installation.


This plugin provides debugging abilities for Supybot. It should not be loaded with a default installation.


channeldb [<channel>]

Returns the result of the channeldb converter.

collect [<times>]

Does <times> gc collections, returning the number of objects collected each time. <times> defaults to 1.

environ takes no arguments

Returns the environment of the supybot process.

eval <expression>

Evaluates <expression> (which should be a Python expression) and returns its value. If an exception is raised, reports the exception (and logs the traceback to the bot’s logfile).

exec <statement>

Execs <code>. Returns success if it didn’t raise any exceptions.

exn <exception name>

Raises the exception matching <exception name>.

sendquote <raw IRC message>

Sends (not queues) the raw IRC message given.

settrace [<filename>]

Starts tracing function calls to <filename>. If <filename> is not given, sys.stdout is used. This causes much output.

simpleeval <expression>

Evaluates the given expression.

unsettrace takes no arguments

Stops tracing function calls on stdout.



This config variable defaults to “True”, is not network-specific, and is not channel-specific.

Determines whether this plugin is publicly visible.