This plugin handles various plugin-related things, such as getting help for a plugin or retrieving author info.


This plugin exists to help users manage their plugins. Use ‘plugin list’ to list the loaded plugins; use ‘plugin help’ to get the description of a plugin; use the ‘plugin’ command itself to determine what plugin a command exists in.


author <plugin>

Returns the author of <plugin>. This is the person you should talk to if you have ideas, suggestions, or other comments about a given plugin.

contributors <plugin> [<name>]

Replies with a list of people who made contributions to a given plugin. If <name> is specified, that person’s specific contributions will be listed. You can specify a person’s name by their full name or their nick, which is shown inside brackets if available.

help <plugin>

Returns a useful description of how to use <plugin>, if the plugin has one.

plugin <command>

Returns the name of the plugin that would be used to call <command>. If it is not uniquely determined, returns list of all plugins that contain <command>.

plugins <command>

Returns the names of all plugins that contain <command>.



This config variable defaults to “True”, is not network-specific, and is not channel-specific.

Determines whether this plugin is publicly visible.