This plugin allows you to quickly download and install a plugin from other repositories.


This plugin allows you to install unofficial plugins from multiple repositories easily. Use the “repolist” command to see list of available repositories and “repolist <repository>” to list plugins, which are available in that repository. When you want to install a plugin, just run command “install <repository> <plugin>”.

First start by using the plugindownloader repolist command to see the available repositories.

To see the plugins inside repository, use command plugindownloader repolist <repository>

When you see anything interesting, you can use plugindownloader info <repository> <plugin> to see what the plugin is for.

And finally to install the plugin, plugindownloader install <repository> <plugin>.


< Mikaela> @load PluginDownloader
< Limnoria> Ok.
< Mikaela> @plugindownloader repolist
< Limnoria> Antibody, jlu5, Hoaas, Iota, progval, SpiderDave, boombot, code4lib, code4lib-edsu, code4lib-snapshot, doorbot, frumious, jonimoose, mailed-notifier, mtughan-weather, nanotube-bitcoin, nyuszika7h, nyuszika7h-old, pingdom, quantumlemur, resistivecorpse, scrum, skgsergio, stepnem
< Mikaela> @plugindownloader repolist progval
< Limnoria> AttackProtector, AutoTrans, Biography, Brainfuck, ChannelStatus, Cleverbot, Coffee, Coinpan, Debian, ERepublik, Eureka, Fortune, GUI, GitHub, Glob2Chan, GoodFrench, I18nPlaceholder, IMDb, IgnoreNonVoice, Iwant, Kickme, LimnoriaChan, LinkRelay, ListEmpty, Listener, Markovgen, MegaHAL, MilleBornes, NoLatin1, NoisyKarma, OEIS, PPP, PingTime, Pinglist, RateLimit, Rbls, Redmine, Scheme, Seeks, (1 more message)
< Mikaela> more
< Limnoria> SilencePlugin, StdoutCapture, Sudo, SupyML, SupySandbox, TWSS, Trigger, Trivia, Twitter, TwitterStream, Untiny, Variables, WebDoc, WebLogs, WebStats, Website, WikiTrans, Wikipedia, WunderWeather
< Mikaela> @plugindownloader info progval Wikipedia
< Limnoria> Grabs data from Wikipedia.
< Mikaela> @plugindownloader install progval Wikipedia
< Limnoria> Ok.
< Mikaela> @load Wikipedia
< Limnoria> Ok.


info <repository> <plugin>

Displays informations on the <plugin> in the <repository>.

install <repository> <plugin>

Downloads and installs the <plugin> from the <repository>.

repolist [<repository>]

Displays the list of plugins in the <repository>. If <repository> is not given, returns a list of available repositories.



This config variable defaults to “True”, is not network-specific, and is not channel-specific.

Determines whether this plugin is publicly visible.