Gives the user the ability to schedule commands to run at a particular time, or repeatedly run at a particular interval. For example, scheduler add [time seconds 30m] "utilities echo [status cpu]" will schedule the command cpu to be sent to the channel in 30 minutes.


This plugin allows you to schedule commands to execute at a later time.


add <seconds> <command>

Schedules the command string <command> to run <seconds> seconds in the future. For example, ‘scheduler add [seconds 30m] “echo [cpu]”’ will schedule the command “cpu” to be sent to the channel the schedule add command was given in (with no prefixed nick, a consequence of using echo). Do pay attention to the quotes in that example.

list takes no arguments

Lists the currently scheduled events.

remind <seconds> <text>

Sets a reminder with string <text> to run <seconds> seconds in the future. For example, ‘scheduler remind [seconds 30m] “Hello World”’ will return ‘<nick> Reminder: Hello World’ 30 minutes after being set.

remove <id>

Removes the event scheduled with id <id> from the schedule.

repeat [–delay <delay>] <name> <seconds> <command>

Schedules the command <command> to run every <seconds> seconds, starting now (i.e., the command runs now, and every <seconds> seconds thereafter). <name> is a name by which the command can be unscheduled. If –delay is given, starts in <delay> seconds instead of now.



This config variable defaults to “True”, is not network-specific, and is not channel-specific.

Determines whether this plugin is publicly visible.