A complete messaging system that allows users to leave ‘notes’ for other users that can be retrieved later.


Allows you to send notes to other users.


list [–{old,sent}] [–{from,to} <user>]
Retrieves the ids of all your unread notes. If –old is given, list read notes. If –sent is given, list notes that you have sent. If –from is specified, only lists notes sent to you from <user>. If –to is specified, only lists notes sent by you to <user>.
next takes no arguments
Retrieves your next unread note, if any.
note <id>
Retrieves a single note by its unique note id. Use the ‘note list’ command to see what unread notes you have.
reply <id> <text>
Sends a note in reply to <id>.
send <recipient>,[<recipient>,[…]] <text>
Sends a new note to the user specified. Multiple recipients may be specified by separating their names by commas.
unsend <id>
Unsends the note with the id given. You must be the author of the note, and it must be unread.



This config variable defaults to “True”, is not network-specific, and is not channel-specific.

Determines whether this plugin is publicly visible.